The Procedure of Publishing the Code of Federal Regulations

feature-1CFR needs to be published through a Federal Register. Also, it is being printed 4 times a year, from January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1. (more…)

The History of Federal Regulations

feature-2The Federal Register Act initially gave, inside six months, for a complete gathering of every single existing regulation declared preceding the first production of the Federal Register. In any case, this was considered wasteful, thus rather than a “compilation” of existing regulations, the Federal Register Act was altered in 1937 to give a “codification” of all regulations at regular intervals. A six member of Codification Board was made which decided the exact structure of the new Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). A comparative association to the United States Code (USC) was trailed by the Board so that a larger part of the 50 titles to the CFR have similar alphabetically organized subject classes and title numbers to that of the 50 titles in the USC. (more…)

What is CFR or Code of Federal Regulations

feature-3CFR is the permanent code of the United States of America. It is published through a Federal Register and composed of fifty subject titles. (more…)