3 Sensational Top Rated LG TVs

Televisions are one of the integral constituents of one’s entertainment. There are of a wide variety, types, models and sizes. The unique features of each smart TV distinguish them. The LG TVs are the most trending in the market today. They allow access to the outstanding applications such as the BBC iplayer and YouTube among the many others. One is able to connect and access online media using the sensational LG TVs in the today’s market. These include:

  1. LG 47LM860V

LG 47LM860V television is really amazing because of its features. It is capable of playing every type of media using either the manual method or through networking with the DLNA or USB storage device. The TV has unique and high-quality visual display. The images are regulated and served by the latest LG smart TV Engine via the LGs 800 MCI (Motion Control Index). The blurred display problem, common to the other models is a forgotten history with the LG 47LM860V.The TV has two remote controls, the internal and external remote controls.

The TV makes use of the LED lighting system. The lighting system is adjustable thus boosting the contrast and brightness to the desired level. In addition, the LG 47LM860V TV uses the passive #D technology and brings with it five sets of 3D glasses.

LG 47LM860V TV is a type of television that boasts around of the very good design all over around the world. It has an outlandish thin and endlessly stroke able metallic finish screen. These are not 4k TVs, if you are looking for a 4k LG TV, click here.


  1. LG 47LM760V

The LG 47LM760V TV cannot be compared to the other types. Has an outstanding operating system with strong engines. The TV has a Triple XD Engine that has 800Hz processing power and a super-resolution for up-scaling which helps in making DVDs and dodgy YouTube’s videos to shine on a big screen. This engine boosts the visual display and image processing.

The TV has a Skype camera with high pixels and uses the Edge LED backlit screen.It has also internal speakers that have quality output.

The TV allows multimedia device connection using either the wireless connections or via the USB. The LG 47LM760V TV being powered with Wi-Fi connectivity and also a smart TV system which will link to BBC, iPlayer, YouTube, Lovefilm and Acctrax e.g. Twitter, ITN News, etc.One is able to access the fast streaming videos and songs played on the TV from the smart phones, laptops, notebooks, PC and Mac on a network through Smart share.

The LG 47LM760V TV is designed in incorporated with the latest graphics. The TV has a stunning 7 pair of 3D glasses that makes it appealing to families because it’s durable. The 3D game glasses which are always available always use the polarized 3D panels not for further dimensional trickery.


      3.LG 47LM960V

LG 47LM960V TV is sensational LG TV in the market. It has great connectivity that allows access to various multimedia files. The LG 47LM960V TV has an LG Nano Baby that aids in enabling the TV to connect wirelessly to LGs Smart TV platforms. In addition the LG connection is not limited to the LGs Smart TV platforms. One can connect the TV to the Mac computers through the Smart Share. The USB slots on its system also allow the connection of multimedia devices to the TV.

The LG 47LM960V TV uses the LED lighting which supports its 3D complete of 7 pairs of glasses. The 47LM960V also independently controls the light output from the LED clusters behind the screening which can massively help in reducing contrast.

The 3 D complete design has the latest design and graphics. It also supports some Games like Call of Duty: MW3 which will need special pairs of passive glasses (which are only able to see polarized images from the TV).


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